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Literature and Lectures by Edith Packer, George Reisman, and Others

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The Real Right to Medical Care Versus Socialized Medicine

43 pages of text. This pamphlet upholds the rational right to buy all the medical care one wishes from willing providers. It shows how the displacement of this right by the pseudo-right to medical care based on need has created all aspects of the medical crisis. The pamphlet contains a thorough-going analysis of the Clinton plan for socialized medicine and shows not only how a free market in medical care would solve the medical crisis and make medical care progressively better and more affordable, but also what specific steps need to be taken to achieve such a free market. It is full of powerful intellectual ammunition designed to enable the advocates of individual rights and economic freedom to take the offensive on this vital issue. $5.95. Read an excerpt.

Freedom of Opportunity, Not Equality of Opportunity

A 13 page pamphlet that shows the irrationalist and collectivist foundations of the idea of equality of opportunity and, in opposition, shows why opportunities are both superabundant and the product of human thought and effort, requiring individual freedom for their successful exploitation. The pamphlet upholds the idea of “the self-made man” and demonstrates how and why in later life—in a free society—children born to poor parents can, and again and again do, overtake and surpass the children of far wealthier parents. $3.25. Read an excerpt.


A 14 page pamphlet explaining the nature of individual freedom and its role as the foundation of personal safety, peace, and economic security. In exploding the perverted anarchic concept of freedom, the pamphlet demonstrates why such actions as capriciously shouting “fire” in a crowded theater do not constitute an exercise of freedom but a violation of freedom, and that there are absolutely no justifiable restrictions of individual freedom. The pamphlet traces all of the growing problems experienced by the United States today to its government's growing violations of the country's own magnificent founding principle of individual freedom. $3.25. Read an excerpt.

Capitalism: The Cure for Racism

A seventeen-thousand-word pamphlet that explains how capitalism and the unhampered profit motive achieve equal pay for equal work and operate against all aspects of racial prejudice in the marketplace, and how the unjust treatment of blacks in contemporary American society is the result of the mixed economy, not capitalism. $4.95. Read an excerpt.

The Toxicity of Environmentalism

This 24 page pamphlet, written on the foundation of Objectivist philosophy and procapitalist economic theory, is the most powerful and convincing critique of environmentalism available. From “intrinsic value” to “global warming,” it exposes the rampant errors and contradictions of the movement and shows its profound hatred of human values. It demonstrates why the real problem of the industrialized world is not “environmental pollution” but philosophical corruption, of which environmentalism, with its hatred of science and technology, is the leading contemporary manifestation. The pamphlet concludes with a call for a cleanup of the environment—the philosophical-intellectual environment—based on the introduction of the writings of Ayn Rand and Ludwig von Mises into college and university curricula. $4.25. Read an excerpt.

Education and the Racist Road to Barbarism

A 13 page pamphlet that explains the nature and universal value of Western civilization, and why the efforts to replace its teaching with “Afro-centric” and “Latino-centric” studies are based on racism and imply the destruction of education. This pamphlet is a well-deserved intellectual slap in the face of today's fascists, who seek to impose “political correctness” on America's schools and universities. $3.25. Read an excerpt.

Classical Economics Versus the Exploitation Theory

A 19 page pamphlet demolishing all aspects of the Marxian exploitation theory on the basis of theoretical foundations supplied by Classical economics and thus pointing the way to the reintroduction of Classical economics as a major and vital element in the defense of capitalism. $3.75. Read an excerpt.

Platonic Competition

A 15 page pamphlet that demolishes the philosophical and theoretical foundations of antitrust policy. In opposition to prevailing doctrines, the pamphlet explains why price competition is an omnipresent phenomenon under capitalism. Reprinted from Ayn Rand's The Objectivist, it is an excellent antidote to much of the error in contemporary “microeconomics” courses. $3.25. Read an excerpt.

Production Versus Consumption

An 11 page pamphlet showing why the production of wealth, not the artificial creation of the need and desire to consume, is the fundamental problem of economic life. The pamphlet develops the implications of these opposing basic economic premises for understanding the economic effects of machinery, war, government spending, population growth, advertising, technological progress, and inflation. The subject of a full Newsweek column by Henry Hazlitt, when it originally appeared in The Freeman, this pamphlet is an antidote to much of the error in contemporary “macroeconomics” courses inspired by Keynes. $3.25. Read an excerpt.

Note: For orders of 2-9 pamphlets, the price per pamphlet is the same as the price of a single pamphlet. With the exception of what follows immediately below, this supersedes any pricing information that may have been provided in copies of any of the above pamphlets or elsewhere.


(Valid for delivery within the United States only)

If, like many people, you have been looking for something you personally can do to stem the tide of irrationalism and promote the values you support, here is an excellent opportunity for you. First, buy a copy of one or more of the nine pamphlets described above. See if you do not agree that they present powerful, philosophically-based arguments addressing leading issues of our time and are capable both of changing people's minds on these issues and of opening them up to our wider philosophy. If you do agree, then write back and place an order for fifty or more copies of these pamphlets at the special, reduced price of $1 per copy on each title ordered in a minimum quantity of five. (Because of its greater length and higher printing cost, no more than five copies can be included of The Real Right to Medical Care Versus Socialized Medicine.) You can then use the pamphlets as your own, personal intellectual ammunition, as intellectual bombshells, so to speak, that you can send not only to friends and acquaintances who would benefit from reading them, but also to newspaper and television reporters, government officials and politicians, teachers and professors, and businessmen and professionals who need to hear these ideas. In so doing, you personally join the fight to change our culture: you join in the fight to spread our ideas outside our own ranks. (If you wish, of course, you can add your own personal cover letter when you send a pamphlet, so that your contribution is even more direct and personal.) These pamphlets are a serious weapon for fighting back. They are long enough and powerfully enough argued to make a difference to anyone who reads them. At the same time, they are short enough to be read. They can be your personal intellectual weapons that you send to targets you select. True enough, many of them will not be read—you will have fired off a shot and it will have missed. But you will be firing back and sometimes you will score a hit. When your contribution is added to that of several hundred or several thousand others—and there are that many of us now—it can help to make a very significant difference. It could help to start turning the culture around. (Please note that two restrictions apply to this offer: we must be able to send the pamphlets all to the same address, and they must be used for distribution only, that is, not for resale, except to bookstores or other retailers.)

Tell us in an e-mail  the names and quantities of the various specific pamphlets you want to include in your order. (Kindly state your name and the date and please recall that no more than five copies of The Real Right to Medical Care Versus Socialized Medicine can be included.)